Terminate your membership of the ’a-kasse’

The EU regulation establishing the Single Digital Gateway (SDG) says that cross border users from other EU countries must have access to information and self-service solutions on, among other things, unemployment. Read this guide if you want information on how to terminate your membership of the ’a-kasse’ and much more.

If you do not read or speak Danish, you can read this guide in English and get information on how your a-kasse works and what you have to do to get unemployment benefits, among other things.

In this guide you can get information on:

- How to fill out the unemployment insurance funds' (“a-kassens”) online procedure regarding termination of your membership of the “a-kasse”.

It is important that you answer the questions correctly. It may have consequences for your entitlement to
unemployment benefit if you provide incorrect information or fail to disclose circumstances of importance to your entitlement to unemployment benefit.

Information which turns out to be incorrect may lead to claims for reimbursement of unemployment benefits and loss of rights.

If you find it difficult to find a specific question or word in the instructions, you can use the search function in pdf/word.

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